The First Plasma TV Burn-In Reduction Screen Saver

Have you seen an after-image on your Plasma TV that does not go away when you switch channels? This can be caused by burn-in. Read more about plasma burn-in issue, or skip right to the description of our PlasmaSaver DVD - the first DVD product on the market to help you prevent and fight burn-in.

Plasma Burn-In Issue

Plasma TV Burn-In Example

Burn-in, sometimes also referred as permanent image retention, is an effect of an after-image appearing on your plasma or other phosphor-based screen after a still picture is displayed for an extended period of time. The most common type of burn-in is the result of watching 4:3 video with black bars on both sides on a 16:9 screen. Other examples of burn-in may include 2.35:1 movies watched on a 16:9 screen (black bars on top and bottom), non-transparent channel logos, fixed parts of the screen used, for example, for teletext or weather display, video and computer games, logos and menus, or even a paused DVD or DVD title menu.

The burn-in is usually not covered by your TV warranty. Plasma TVs are simply not designed to display fixed images for extended periods of time.

Read this article to learn more about what the burn-in is, how to prevent it, and how to fix it if your TV has it.

What does PlasmaSaver DVD do in order to prevent burn-in on a new plasma?

PlasmaSaver DVD contains a simple, yet universal pattern that helps you prevent your new plasma from developing a burn-in. As I described in the article, the risk of developing a burn-in is highest on new plasmas, especially during the first 100 hours of use.

Playing the white noise, or "video snow" pattern of the PlasmaSaver DVD for several hours will wear your new plasma's phosphors evenly, thus greatly reducing the risk of any image retention at later times. I authored the PlasmaSaver DVD so that this safe pattern will engage in an infinite loop automatically, so there should be no risk normally associated with a DVD forgotten in the DVD player.

What If I Already Have Burn-In? Is There Any Way To Remove It?

The answer is: it depends. In most cases, it is possible to at least reduce visibility of an after-image by either using the PlasmaSaver DVD, running your plasma built-in screen saver, or by simply displaying some full screen programming on your TV for an extended period of time. (Make sure that this programming does not have any logos, black bars, or other static elements that could imprint into your display instead of "fixing" an after-image).

What exactly is an "extended" period? It is hard to answer due to great differences between the phosphors used in various plasma panels. I would assume this to be at least 4 times the period an image or programming that caused burn-in was displayed. So, for example, if you watched a news channel with a non-transparent logo for a month, two hours a day, and this logo left an after-image on your display, I would recommend running the screen saver for at least 30x2x4=240 hours.

If, however, your after-image is a typical result of neglecting the right handling of 4:3 or 2.35:1 content, the after-image may be greatly reduced by displaying the inverse (negative) pattern. My PlasmaSaver DVD has a set of inverse patterns combined with "white noise", or "video snow" effect in the proportion of 10 (inverse pattern) : 50 (snow) : 5 (blank white screen to check for burn-in visibility), repeated automatically.

These two types of burn-in may be reduced by using the PlasmaSaver DVD:

Figure 1: 4:3 after-image

Figure 2: 2.35:1 after-image


PlasmaSaver DVD may also reduce all other types of burn-in by applying the regular white noise ("snow") screen saver continuously. If your plasma TV has a built-in screen saver, and your after-image is not of a type shown on the above two pictures, you don't need this DVD. If, however, your plasma does not have an internal screen saver, I highly recommend using the pre-recorded "snow" from PlasmaSaver DVD.

Figure 3: An after-image (burn-in)


Can You Guarantee That PlasmaSaver DVD Will Remove Burn-In From My Plasma?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee that your particular case of burn-in can be "cured" completely or even partially. It depends on too many parameters beyond my control, such as how many hours your plasma was used before an after-image appeared; what phosphors are used in your plasma (newer models are much less susceptible to the problem); how long the static image was displayed on your plasma, and so on.

Is PlasmaSaver DVD Safe To Use?

Patterns on PlasmaSaver DVD were engineered with the idea of "no further harm". Its basic pattern is "white noise", or "video snow", which distributes light evenly on the entire screen of your display, and, thus, helps its phosphors age evenly. Advanced patterns (inverse 4:3 and inverse 2.35:1) have several key elements that are designed to protect your display from further problems.

First, there is no sharp border between the white and black parts of the image; therefore, even in the worst case scenario, there will be no sharp imprint.

Second, and most important, is the fact that the inverse image patterns are only displayed for about 15% of the time, making it less likely to imprint the inverse pattern on the screen, and form a negative after-image.

Third, the time you can display the inverse pattern is limited. After that, the "white noise" pattern will be displayed infinitely, thus preventing inverse pattern imprinting, or the PlasmaSaver DVD menu forming an after-image on your display.

However, you are using the PlasmaSaver DVD on your own risk. I take no responsibility whatsoever for the negative impact it may have on your display. Use PlasmaSaver DVD only if you completely understand the process, and take full responsibility of what could happen to your display. If used improperly, PlasmaSaver DVD may cause irreparable harm to your plasma TV, which will not be covered by your warranty.

If you understand and agree to the above terms, you may proceed to the order page to obtain your copy.